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Be Brilliant™ with Signia Active Pro

Take your performance to the next level

Design Award 20221

The revolutionary Signia Active Pro earbuds not only stream music and phone calls via Bluetooth in high-definition sound they enhance your overall hearing experience, especially in difficult acoustic situations.

Key features:

Bluetooth Streaming

Recharge on-the-go

AI Digital Assistant

Instant Fit

Signia Active

Your tailored sound in a popular and award-winning design

With a next level hearing aid style comparable to state-of-the-art earbuds, Signia Active Pro looks nothing like other hearing aids.

Enhanced speech understanding

It lets you cut through noise to hear voices clearly from any direction.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app lets you contact your hearing care professional via your smartphone whenever you need remote support.

Find out more about this exciting hearing upgrade. You can choose between:

Signia Active

Signia Active Pro

This high-end option offers ideally tailored sound for your personal hearing needs. Whether you are in a crowded street, working in an open-plan office,
or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Signia Active Pro tackles these challenges expertly with true-to-life sound.

Signia Active

Signia Active

The starter version delivers equally clear sound and speech comprehension and adapts to all situations in your life. So you hear what matters to you. All day long, in every situation.

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