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For the important things in life

Whatever your wearing preference, the Prompt hearing aids offer a range of solutions for almost all types of hearing loss. Equipped with advanced technology such as state-of-the art feedback cancellation, Prompt provides great sound. Three behind-the-ear, or BTE, models offer outstanding wearing comfort together with ease of use. With their ingenious, interchangeable, super-soft Click sleeves that simply click on the hearing aid, the in-the-ear, or ITE, models fit beautifully and in seconds. With their range of selectable programs, Prompt hearing aids help you in the most diverse hearing situations.

Some things are made for sharing

From a whispered compliment to the sound of delighted children laughing or a summer birdsong in the garden, life is full of moments meant for sharing. With Prompt hearing aids there to help, you can enjoy every moment with complete confidence and be a part of it.

Discover Prompt hearing aids in detail:

Two different models are available:


A snug fit:

Prompt behind-the-ear models sit comfortably behind the ear.


Absolutely discreet:

Prompt in-the-ear models are worn directly and discreetly in the ear.

Prompt BTEs Features


 Focus on what is really important.

Prompt BTEs’ directional microphones pick up the sounds that will be amplified. They focus on sound coming from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions.


All options at the tip of your finger.

The push button and/or the rocker switch on Prompt BTEs let you easily and quickly change the program if your listening situation changes or adjust the volume.

Rugged, robust and reliable.

Prompt BTEs’ housings are trialed and tested in the most challenging environments and are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt to keep out the rigors of everyday life.


Your powerful connection to life.

Prompt P and SP models come with an earhook for high amplification. The lightweight earmold option provides a secure fit that directs sound straight into your ears.


Back on track in 3 simple steps.

The battery door on Prompt BTEs can be effortlessly opened and closed so you can change the standard battery quickly and easily as the following steps show.

Hear the speaker clearly

Listen closely, even at a distance.

In places equipped with an induction loop, the Telecoil or T-Coil function in Prompt P and SP models helps you understand speakers more clearly. Simply select the T-program wherever you see the following sign.

Personalizing whom you hear

With Prompt P and SP, you can change the battery housing for an optional audio shoe. When there’s a lot of ambient sound, the speaker’s voice is streamed directly to your ears via a microphone.

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